We are building a team of machine learning, computer vision, and computational biology experts to push the boundaries of machine learning and structural biology. We are currently looking for postdocs and research scientists to join SMLC. Internships and embedding options are also available for undergraduate and graduate students.

We are currently accepting applications for postdoc and research scientist positions.

Postdoc and Research Scientist

Machine learning is transforming structural biology from data collection and structure determination to structure and function prediction. We are looking for Postdocs and Research Scientists to join SMLC to develop machine learning and computer vision methods for analyzing cryo-EM and cryo-ET data. Candidates interested in other aspects of structural biology, especially protein structure prediction and generative modeling will also be considered. We are a well-funded group in an exciting subject area with significant access to instruments (7 Titan Krios) and technical experts. 

Applicants should have a strong quantitative background with coding experience, be interested in structural biology applications, and be motivated to learn. Good communication skills and the ability to work independently are a must.

Candidates should expect to:

  • Invent and implement new machine learning algorithms for addressing diverse problems in computer vision with application to structural biology
  • Conduct experiments and analyses
  • Collaborate with experimentalists and hardware technologists
  • Publish and present findings at machine learning, computational biology, and/or structural biology venues


  • PhD in computer science, computational biology/bioinformatics, statistics, physics, or other similar quantitative fields
  • Strong coding ability. Experience with machine learning and linear algebra libraries (e.g. numpy, pytorch, tensorflow) is a plus
  • Experience working with biological structure data is a plus
  • Experience with high performance computing/GPU computing is a plus
  • Research experience in machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, bioinformatics, or other related fields
  • Ability to work independently, motivated to learn
  • Strong communication skills

Benefits at NYSBC

  • Access to significant compute resources and state-of-the-art instruments including 7 Titan Krios microscopes
  • Located in NYC, remote work is optional
  • Competitive salary
  • Generous retirement package
  • Medical and dental coverage

Contact: Tristan Bepler (tbepler(at) To apply, please include your CV, a brief cover letter, and contact information for three references.